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Adam Lambert

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Adam has spent the last 26 years learning from just about every angle of the beverage industry. Starting out as a grocery store liquor clerk to growing into his current role as Founder of Craft-Union and managing partner at Michigan Bev Co. Previous roles include President of Michigan Brewers Union, Chief Revenue Officer at BrewDog USA, COO for Storied Craft Breweries, participating and evaluating M&A in all beverage categories, VP of Sales for Virtue Cider part of ABI’s High End group, VP of Sales for New Holland Brewery and Distillery, 7 years as VP of Sales for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery and 6 years as National Sales and Marketing Manager for Rogue Ales. Past experiences include owning a wine distribution and brokerage company, managing the west coast as a brewery brand manager for SLO Brewing Company, Sales rep for Wine Warehouse and a proud graduate of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Adam has been a member of the Independent Council on 3-Tier Dynamics and long serving member of the Brewers Association Export Development Committee. Adam has been a featured presenter at the Craft Brewers Conference, Brewbound Brew Talks, Beverage Trade Network, and the Bar and Night Club Show. Featured author in the New Brewer Magazine.

During Adam’s tenure at some of the most recognizable craft breweries in the country he was able to grow business and build successful programs with retailers and distributors. In the six years at Rogue Adam grew the brewery from 28,000 bbls to 70,000 bbls. (Gross Revenue $9,800,000 to $24,500,000) Inheriting a 48-state footprint in 2002, by 2008 Rogue was in all 50 states and 20 international countries, being one of the first craft breweries from America available in China. Rogue’s distribution footprint consisted of 125 wholesalers across all fifty states. Adam created one of the first “occasional programs” releasing beers during celebrations that no other brewery at the time celebrated. Twelve brands released to celebrate 12 nontraditional beer holidays, a trend that is now replicated by many breweries and retailers.

In 2008 Adam joined Dogfish Head Craft Brewery as Vice President of Sales, managing a fast-paced growing brewery. Dogfish finished that year selling 78,000 bbls, at his departure by the end of 2014 finished the year at 230,000 bbls. (Gross Revenue $27,300,000 to $80,500,000) During this seven-year run, DFH opened three new states, retracted from four, before reentering all four. By the end of 2014 DFH was back in 31 states with a distribution network of 135 wholesalers. All angles of business were touched during his time, including collaborations in the beer world, food world, music world, clothing world and spirits world. Many of these collaborations were turned into retail programs which enhanced both the brewery and retail partners. Adam spent as much time as possible with Sam Calagione harnessing his talents into revenue dollars.

In 2015 Adam joined New Holland Craft Brewery and Distillery. Albeit a short time with the brewery, he was able to impact overall business and territory expansion. As a combined revenue number for both beer and spirits, 2015 saw a 25% overall growth number delivered. During the year NH expanded into four new states but through mergers and acquisitions grew their distribution network from 68 wholesalers to 110 wholesalers. Adam was able to utilize both beer and spirits in cross merchandising programs with larger grocery partners. The 14 months at NH proved valuable once again for the brewery-distillery, wholesalers, and retail partners.

During his time with Virtue Cider, Adam was asked to integrate Virtue into ABI’s High End group, along with rolling out 20 states.

From 2016 to 2018 Adam held the role of COO at Storied Craft Breweries a family fund based out of Chicago. Adam participated in managing the investment made in Deep Ellum Craft Brewery, along with evaluating numerous M&A opportunities in all-beverage categories. After two years Deep Ellum was sold to CanAnarchy at a five-time multiple. Storied Craft Breweries was an integral partner in the sale of Funky Buddha to Constellation.

During 2018 to 2020 Adam consulted with and was fully employed by BrewDog USA, an affiliate of BrewDog PLC (who took on an equity investment of $250M from TSG Partners). During 2019 Adam grew Gross Revenue from $8,855,419 to $16,022,720. Worked as part of the US executive team reporting directly to ownership based at the international HQ in Scotland. Participated in strategic global planning and was responsible for all sales throughout the America’s and Canada.

In 2016 Adam started Craft-Union a Creative business agency dedicated to supporting breweries and distilleries in strategic business planning. Working in all facets from start up to exit, Craft-Union was built to focus on utilizing decades of experience. Over the years Craft-Union has morphed into strategic planning, investments, export, non-traditional market development, and technology all focused in the beverage category. Craft-Union past partners have included BrewDog USA, Sixpoint Brewery, Central Standard Distillery, Evil Genius Craft Brewery, Michigan Brewers Union, and the M-1 Network (MI Molson-Coors WS Network). Current partners SLO Brewing Co, Rod and Hammers Distillery, Sycamore Craft Brewery, Fire Maker Craft Brewery and Smooj Hard Smoothie. Active investments SLO Brewing Co, Osena Spiked Coconut Water, Story House craft spirits, and HOLOHOLO Brewing. As the future evolves so will Craft-Union.

In 2021 Adam and four managing partners formed Michigan Bev Co a new age beverage company, acquiring a 50% ownership stake in Kater Wing Man sparkling water. The partners in Michigan Bev co include Dan Fiebelkorn partner at Solyco Advisors, Kyle Maurer and Kent Elliot owners of Black Lab 5 and Rick Sharpe, managing director of Cambridge-Sharpe. Michigan Bev Co is evaluating future investments and acquisitions.


BrewDog USA

Storied Craft Breweries

VP of Sales.
Virtue Cider.
(ABI High End Group)

Managing Partner.
Michigan Bev Co.

VP of Sales.
New Holland Craft Brewery and Artisanal Spirits.

VP of Sales.
Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

National Sales and Marketing.
Rogue Ales and Spirits.

Pacific West Brands-Allocations Brokerage.

West Coast Manager.
SLO Brewing Company.

Chain Territory Manager.
Wine Warehouse.

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